Personality Calibration Program


Pakistani armed forces are known around the world to have a highly consummate set of professionals, as attributed to their keen observation of the personalities that they reckon, would be befitting to their atmosphere and work-ethic. Which is why “Rehnuma” is a fresh endeavor, whereby the aspiring military candidates shall be provided with the basic tools that would enable them to attain and harness the physical capability and the personality traits required by Pak Armed Forces.

About Rehnuma:

At Rehnuma, the candidates shall be provided an opportunity to aptly prepare themselves for the Initial test and the ISSB test. Each preparatory activity shall take place under the hands-on supervision of seasoned armed forces personnel. The training sessions for the tests, both initial and ISSB, are to be held separately on a course of 30 days for each program. In addition, the candidates shall be charge no extra fee, provided the case whereby a candidate wishes to gain additional instructions regarding the military training.


With the prime focus upon personality building, Rehnuma strives to incorporate the essential knowledge with physical and mental fitness, in order to testify to the commitment of grooming the personalities and shaping the future of the aspiring prospected Pakistani military cadets, and ultimately shaping the fate of Pak-armed forces.Given the fact that the ISSB training academies all across Pakistan are fulfilling the mere basic parameters, Rehnuma would like to take the opportunity to bring the more critical elements of ISSB assessment to the candidate’s knowledge. Following are the key deliverables being focused upon by Rehnuma, to create a proficient aspiring cadet with promising prospective:

Perception Mapping:

It is a common dogma among the youth these days to rely on the knowledge that is available to them first-hand. This results in a person having a rather myopic approach towards the general affairs that take place around the world on daily basis. Rehnuma seeks to liberate the minds of the aspiring candidates by imparting general knowledge to the aspiring candidates from a GLOBAL perspective, so as to allow them to have precise and impartial views about the local as well as foreign matters.

Personality Grooming:

With numerous Initial and ISSB test training academies, the focuson the personality traits is quite as much as it ought to be. Rehnuma specifically targets this particular aspect in order to create consummate professionals who can take a well-thought out decision and back it up.The goal here is to make sure that embodied in a sound and resilient exterior, should be a personality that possesses intelligence, integrity, intensity and above all, consistency, in order cement himself as a valued element of the force.

Training Module:

The two key elements of the training are as follows:

  1. Initial Test:

Initial test is a mere prelude to the ISSB test, done to evaluate a prospected candidate on a grass root level. The areas to be covered during initial test preparation sessions include:

  • Introduction to Initial Test System
  • Verbal/Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • English
  • Math
  • General Knowledge
  • Interview Preparation
  • Physical Training
  • ISSB Test:

ISSB test is the main assessment sequence, where the cadets’ true potential and aptitude are tested in terms of their personalities, physical endurance and tactical capabilities. This session shall include:

  • Introduction to ISSB
  • Leadership Traits
  • GTO’s Tasks
  • Group Discussion
  • Psychological Tests
  • Communication Skills
  • Filling Bio-data forms
  • Group Planning
  • Public Speaking
  • Command Task
  • Sentence Completion
  • Half Group Task
  • Word Association
  • Mutual Assessment
  • Picture/Pointer Story
  • Motivation to Join Armed Forces
  • Writing an Unforgettable Incident
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Final Group Task
  • Individual Obstacle
  • Preparation/Grooming for Interview

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