Personality Actualization Program


Knowledge attainment as well as retention has become much convenient in the present day owing to the ease in accessibility to knowledge as well as constant bombardment of it through various media. However, attaining wisdom as well as the capability to use that knowledge in an efficient & effective manner, is a matter of slight complexity which can only be addressed by providing the youth with desired tools & attributes in interest of enabling them to use the knowledge in an efficient & effective manner. Rehbar is a program that is conceived solely for that purpose.

Rehbar is a two week training program that shall provide the young trainees with the necessary personality attributes that shall allow them to flourish in any profession and in any professional setting.


The mentors at Rehbar believe in imparting a full spectrum of skills & attributes to the trainee’s so as for them to be the valuable assets, not just to their employers, but also to the entire country. Thereby, the objectives of this program are as follows:

  • Polishing the Aptitude
  • Guiding students to identify, apply and reach where they need to
  • Physical and Mental Strength
  • Reliance on Logic
  • Instillation of Team Spirit
  • Giving a Global Perspective
  • Personality Grooming

Training Module:

The module for the said training program is as follows:

  • Introduction to Rehbar
  • Introduction to Communication Skills
  • Verbal Communication Skills (Theory & Practical)
  • Written Communication Skills (Theory & Practical)
  • Nov-verbal/Body Language
  • Career Aptitude & Personality Profile Test
  • Psychology Test (Interest & Biodata)
  • Intro to Outdoor Tasks & Exposure
  • Intro to Interviews
  • Recap & Review

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