Personality Navigation Program


We are a nation full of capabilities, be those in the technical arena or that of philosophy. Over the course of history, numerous big names in various fields have emerged from our country, wowing the entire world with their unparalleled genius in their respective fields. However, a slight dilemma occurs every time a youngster gets ready to be enrolled in the school whereby there is an intense pressure of performing well rather than choosing the correct field. This causes the aspiring young resource to under perform which results in wasted potential & poor quality of life.Ba’ad Numa is a platform conceived specifically to address that problem.

Ba’ad Numa is a career navigation program that shall allow the young minds to recognize their aptitudes and opt for the right career choice that shall enable them to optimally realize their potential and reach the unchartered realms of excellence.


Ba’ad Numak is an initiative conceived to enable the young architects of our nation to pursue their destined career directions. Following are the objectives for this initiative:

  • Exploring the Aptitude
  • Polishing the Aptitude
  • Guiding students to identify, apply and reach where they need to
  • Physical and Mental Strength
  • Reliance Upon Logic
  • Personality Grooming

Training Module:

The module for the said training program is as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Career Choice
  • Trajectory of Career
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Art of Networking
  • Targeted Pursuits
  • CV making
  • Interviews
  • Initial Spell in Job