Training of Teachers as Leaders


A society’s future lies in the hands of a teacher who imparts education, not mere literacy to the most receptive minds. This mammoth responsibility requires some critical arenas to be addressed and personality development is the cornerstone among them. Likewise the knowledge recipient i.e. the young mind of a student must be capable enough to absorb and apply the learning with absolute vivid objectives which would assist him in choosing the right career path in accordance with his aptitude and natural inclination towards a certain scheme of study.

It may be pertinent to mention here that while there is a wide array of acknowledgment of the dire need to address the ever lingering and chronic issues of various aspects of professional shortfalls in school teachers’ fraternity and severe dearth of adequate youth counselling in educational institutions across the country, the corresponding corrective measures including conducting rigorous and thorough teachers’ training workshops and application of well calibrated psychological measures for guiding and counselling the students have yet to see the light of the day.

About TOTAL:

TOTAL (Training of Teachers as Leaders) is a program conceived for academic empowerment and meaningful youth building. The project offers training in the areas of communication, emotional intelligence, self-development & assessment, consulting & capacity development in order to enable the teachers to provide students with necessary personal, professional & intellectual tools, so as for them to become valuable assets to the society.

Training Objective:

A teacher can enter the school premises after qualifying the technical competence test but a more complex and difficult to measure attribute on a recurrent scale is the personality factor. And this forms the premise of our training objectives. A teacher with a balanced personality delivers a well calibrated learning atmosphere and that is only possible when:

  • S/he is encouraged to acquire self-actualization and self confidence
  • S/he Is enabled to have introspection and conduct self-evaluation for enhanced outcome
  • S/he gains focus and nerve control for optimal performance
  • S/he is equipped with tools to deal with work life challenges, conflicts and stress

Training Module:

The consortium proposes a series of day long training program encompassing the major areas of personality grooming and development. The following is to be the proposed training module:

  • Self-Awareness and relationship management
  • Personal effectiveness and interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Application of emotional intelligence
  • Applicative developmental psychology
  • Modeling for Desired mannerism in Students
  • Effective Communication Skills